5 Instagram Trends to Pay Attention to in 2022

Widely regarded as one of the best social media apps, Instagram has become a very important part of many people, especially the younger generations, who use the platform on a daily basis to get to know the latest trends and stay associated with the accounts they follow. The app has seen many changes over the years, including changes in features and layout, making the users use the app in a variety of ways.… Read more “5 Instagram Trends to Pay Attention to in 2022”

Powerful Tips to Increase Instagram Engagement in 2021

Instagram is still the most popular platform in terms of social media marketing. Since 13% of the world’s population is on social media, and 80% of them follow businesses, it’s easy to understand why. There is also a 4.21 percent percentage of customer interaction based on likes, shares, and comments on social media. According to these remarkable numbers, Instagram’s marketing potential diminishes due to decreased engagement rates and competition by new rivals, such as TikTok. Proactive marketers are looking for strategies to enhance Instagram engagement in the face of these challenges. As a result, we’ve compiled this list of some suggestions to help you keep your sponsored and organic marketing efforts on track.… Read more “Powerful Tips to Increase Instagram Engagement in 2021”

Social Media Priorities for Businesses: Where Should You Start?

One of Stephen Covey’s rules of thumb in his book, “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, is to keep first things first. The common man will limit this principle to their life. But the ordinary man trying to be extraordinary will pull this conventional principle and apply it unconventionally. But why? Why do priorities matter? Once, we get our priorities right, we start to see our focus flow in the direction that we have always wanted. When it comes to business, you might have a wide variety of options to choose from. You might want to join each social media platform. The problem with that approach is that you are trying to accomplish everything at once without having a plan.… Read more “Social Media Priorities for Businesses: Where Should You Start?”

What Is SEO And How Does It Work?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to any given website from organic searches on major Search Engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. This means we optimize websites to be visible when someone types keywords into the search bar. The goal is to improve the ranking of those sites so they show up higher than other competing pages relevant to these terms. There are many ways to achieve this including link building, content creation, social media sharing, etc. How SEO works? Well, let’s get a clear understanding of key SEO aspects and how they can be implemented.… Read more “What Is SEO And How Does It Work?”
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How to Get Free Instagram Followers. Tips that Actually Work.

Is your Instagram account stagnant and you yearn for growth? Have you sought help before and you were not satisfied with the results you got? How about you enquire about professional help from simplygram.com? In the evolving world, a lot of people are looking for a simpler way to reach a larger audience. Instagram has proven to be one of the easiest ways to do so. With easy to learn steps listed below, be the hero/heroine today. Share Your Instagram Link to Other Social Media Accounts… Read more “How to Get Free Instagram Followers. Tips that Actually Work.”

What should you consider when developing your website content?

With many businesses creating website content, you need to be strategic with the kind of content you develop. At its best, your content should be interesting, appealing, and tactical. The path for creating content is clear – to gain traffic, boost SEO rankings, and increase leads. However, what should you consider when developing content for your website? Whatever prompted you to create a website – whether for personal or business purpose, it is crucial to do it right. In this post, you will learn important things to consider when developing your website content. Without further ado, let us begin. • Content Originality The first thing to consider is the originality of your content and Google frowns at websites that copy other people’s content. Google punishes sites that update their websites with plagiarized content. Therefore, your content must content that element of originality. • Develop actionable contents People visit your website to get a solution to their problem. The best content provides the solution to this problem with a sense of how they can effectively apply it. Additionally, it gives a… Read more “What should you consider when developing your website content?”

How Do I Optimize My Website for Google?

It’s 2020 but instead of jetpacks, flying cars or decent cable TV programming, we have the internet. A huge part of the business side of the internet is SEO or Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the practice of getting your website, video or image to the top of search engine results, usually google but not always. Theoretically, you can SEO for any search engine but business usually wants to SEO for google because that is by far the largest portion of the market. Let’s talk about optimizing your website for google! The Right Keywords Keywords are one of the building blocks of SEO. You would think you want to use the keywords that have the most traffic. In October 2019 one of the highest search terms was “Brooke Nevils” so we will use that as an example. The first rule, don’t use keywords that are not relevant to your site. If you have a gaming centered website don’t use the keyword, Brooke Nevils, because if you lie the internet has a way of punishing you afterward. If you do… Read more “How Do I Optimize My Website for Google?”

What is SEO in Content Writing?

To understand what SEO is all about in content writing, you must first understand the concept of SEO. Search Engine Optimization popularly known as SEO involves the optimization of a website in such a way that users on the web find it easier to access the information. On the other hand, content refers to what you are reading now, the images you share, the videos you watch. SEO in content writing is the optimization of various content (text, audio, video, and images) with the purpose of increasing your chances of attracting search engine traffic to a particular page or website. Although, this post is not a complete guide on SEO, however, you can get a quick, super refresher on optimizing your content. Simple ways of Optimizing your Content To create optimized content for whatever purpose, there are a few steps that can contribute to your content writing. 1. Perform Keyword Research The foundation for any successful SEO strategy is centered on using the right keywords. With the right keywords, your ranking will rise whereas when wrongly chosen, it can… Read more “What is SEO in Content Writing?”