Why Person That Can’t Use Your Site Could Cost You Millions?

The number of digital accessibility lawsuits over the years has been on the rise. Right and left, you can find companies being taken to court. The plaintiff in most of these accessibility lawsuits is one user who commences an action for damages. Represented by an army of lawyers, this one user can be able to sue a company for millions and possibly bring a company down. Is your website compliant with the WCAG 2.1 AA technical standards? You need to compare your website with the approved standards and guidelines. So use our website’s checker page today. Digital litigation… Read more “Why Person That Can’t Use Your Site Could Cost You Millions?”

When should a DPIA be carried out?

With the increase in the need for data security and the advancement of technology, companies (public, private and non-governmental organizations) have realized the need to protect the data which they hold. Information is power, and thus protecting the information that you hold as a company is critical to your success. A DPIA, Data Protection Impact Assessment is a tested and tried process that seeks to identify the chances of data being tampered with by external parties. So, when should a DPIA be carried out in your company? In this article, we seek to answer this all-important question. For more information on DPIA and GDPR, click on the following link  https://ethyca.com/data-protection-impact-assessments/. Should a DPIA be conducted on my organization? And if so when?… Read more “When should a DPIA be carried out?”

How to Get Free Instagram Followers. Tips that Actually Work.

Is your Instagram account stagnant and you yearn for growth? Have you sought help before and you were not satisfied with the results you got? How about you enquire about professional help from simplygram.com? In the evolving world, a lot of people are looking for a simpler way to reach a larger audience. Instagram has proven to be one of the easiest ways to do so. With easy to learn steps listed below, be the hero/heroine today. Share Your Instagram Link to Other Social Media Accounts… Read more “How to Get Free Instagram Followers. Tips that Actually Work.”