Why Person That Can’t Use Your Site Could Cost You Millions?

The number of digital accessibility lawsuits over the years has been on the rise. Right and left, you can find companies being taken to court. The plaintiff in most of these accessibility lawsuits is one user who commences an action for damages. Represented by an army of lawyers, this one user can be able to sue a company for millions and possibly bring a company down.

Is your website compliant with the WCAG 2.1 AA technical standards? You need to compare your website with the approved standards and guidelines. So use our website’s checker page today.

Digital litigation

With the penetration of the internet and the prevalent use of smartphones and smart devices, it is obvious that the virtual scene is the next big market. Companies are quick to tap into this new niche by developing websites that will draw in their next big clients. However, they fail to realize that there are many regulations put in check to ensure accessibility to all, including the disabled.

The premise of digital litigation is that your company is being discriminatory against disabled persons. When served with a lawsuit, you might defend yourself that your business has never excluded people with disabilities. But since they cannot access your website, this will be perceived as so. You might end up chalking up millions. But all this is avoidable.

Your organization needs to take the upper hand and be proactive. Don’t want complaints to be brought up by your customer care team. Hire a professional company that has worked on such projects before. 

Benefits of ADA compliance

One of the biggest advantages of ADA compliance is the opportunity cost. By adhering to the WCAG guidelines, you have dodged a bullet. You have served a lot of money, time, and resources on legal fees and other settlements for damages that you might have paid.

Another benefit is the increased market growth. Disabled people are also people with needs who want to purchase goods and services like any other. By making your website accessible, you are tapping into this market. Your good name and reputation will increase. Don’t be surprised with an increase in sales and revenue growth.

Accessibility of your website to all persons is guided by the Americans with Disabilities Act, the ADA. Since the ADA is the law, non-conformance to the guidelines set is tantamount to a crime. You must make your website accessible to all. Make yourself full-proof from any injunctions and lawsuits that are aimed your way. At our company, we have helped many companies’ websites to be compliant with the website accessibility guidelines suggested by the ADA. We can do the same for you.

The success of your company is in your hands. Don’t let malicious parties out there get a share of your hard-earned money.