What to Post on Instagram When You’re Fresh Out of Ideas

Have you ever looked at your screen, unable to think of what to share with Instagram?

“Instagram block” is entirely natural, particularly if you want to have a continuous flow of posts as well as a packed content schedule. Well, what do you do on occasions when you know you must post but do not know what and how to write?  It is essential to follow specific steps to enlighten yourself with the strategies that need to be followed if you are out of ideas for Instagram posts. Follow Instagram growth strategies by SimplyGram to learn how to grow the following on an organic level.

Share Highlights

Try featuring a member of your audience the next time you are lost for suggestions — it is a perfect method to develop confidence and connection with the audience!

The benefit of this approach is that your articles will be all about everything. Whenever it comes to group spotlights, there is no “wrong way.” From celebrating stories of success to posting inspirational accounts, there is no “opposite direction.”

Share Quotes

Quotes are often thought of as good “filler material” — the same kind of stuff you share when you are totally out of inspiration. However, quotes may be used for various marketing purposes, from revenue to creating brand affection!

Share Photography, Videos, and Animation

Though stock photography may have had a notorious reputation in history, circumstances have improved, and then using stock images on Instagram has become a mainstream thing!

Stock photographs, videos, images, and diagrams are now an artistic, entertaining, and convenient opportunity to boost more material to your Instagram feed without putting in any additional effort.

Some stock photography websites have “free to use” privileges, however, it is still a brilliant idea to double-check the access privileges in scenarios with any limits.

When looking for stock content, aim to find photos and videos that are like your Instagram style — also, you can narrow your quest by genre, such as “boho” or “vintage.”

Share your Social Media Holidays

There are plenty of social media celebrations, including #NationalDonutDay and #InternationalCoffeeDay, which are already great for rounding out the posting schedule if you are short on time! Social media holidays are ideal for posting appropriate, meaningful content related to the brand and goods.

Lifestyle Content

It might be something from either a food enhancement to pictures of a beach during sunset — but it could be new! While selecting lifestyle content for the profile, make sure it suits your brand and looks, as well as the desires or personality characteristics of your intended audience. E.g., if you are a bathing suit company, posting images of a desolate cityscape will be inappropriate. Alternatively, post lifestyle content that applies to the brand and items, such as pictures of people surfing.

Therefore, several posting strategies can be used to ensure that you are not missing out on updating your feed effectively.